Search engine optimization is a crucial part of having a successful online presence. Our Online SEO Company in Toronto specializes in delivering SEO services to our clients, giving your company the boost it needs to succeed. Our Online SEO Experts in Toronto collaborate with you to learn more about your company and what you hope to achieve in order to help you develop the best strategy for your SEO marketing campaign.

Make an appointment with our SEO professional to establish a strong online presence. We are an Online SEO Company in Toronto that provides solutions powered by clever technology and even smarter experts. We’ll collaborate with you to develop a marketing plan that is unique to your company and will help you achieve your goals.

We assist your potential clients in discovering and learning about who you are by creating unique digital experiences highlighting your company’s capabilities. This will aid your company’s long-term growth by recruiting loyal clients to your brand.

Fadsmedia is a well-known SEO company in Toronto that specializes in righteous and cost-effective SEO services in Canada. With our years of online experience, we have assisted hundreds of small and large organizations in achieving first-page rankings on major search engines. Our Online SEO Experts in Toronto have the expertise and skills to assist your website in attaining massive recognition in the broad world of the internet

SEO Company In Toronto ( Search engine optimization )

To promote your website in search results Google needs to find, crawl and index your site efficiently. Incorrect technical configuration of your site can damage rankings and customer traffic. You may not realize that your site hasn’t been set up as effectively as it could be. This is particularly true for large eCommerce websites that have tens (or hundreds) of thousands of pages.

We help you identify the opportunities to improve. Our SEO audit analyses over 300 different ranking and usability factors on the site including accessibility and indexation, sitemap and robots compliance, site hierarchy, speed, content quality, link profile and much much more. The outcome is a document of actionable recommendations for your marketing and development team.

Competition SEO analysis

We help you understand the SEO strategies of your competitors. This process uncovers your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses – and most importantly identifies the best SEO opportunities available to you. This process is really helpful if you’re seeking ‘buy-in’ from your executive team or CEO for ongoing SEO support.

Our research drills into key areas like key phrase targeting, niche analysis, content and link building strategy and any other specific areas you’d like to understand. We present the outcomes as actionable recommendations for your team.

On-site optimization

We optimise your website pages, paying particular attention to your category and product pages, using a tested process that focuses on ‘low hanging revenue’ opportunities – basically, we look for the simple fixes that will improve your sales. We work with you and your team to execute an optimization strategy that utilizes internal resources and balances desired user journey with optimal website hierarchy for SEO.

Link building and link attraction

Quality backlinks are still the most influential ranking factor of SEO. We help you accumulate backlinks to your website and execute an overarching strategy that gathers increasing momentum – think flywheel again.

Content development and promotion

Websites are content hungry. Category pages, product pages and blog posts all require ongoing and precise preparation – they have big appetites.

Optimizing Video Content for Search Engines: A Video SEO Guide

Optimizing Video Content for Search Engines: A Video SEO Guide

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